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The MISD Education Foundation awarded $40,000.00 worth of grant money to our wonderful teachers!


The MISD Education Foundation Board of Directors welcomes you to the Mabank ISD Education Foundation website. Please take a look around to learn about our organization. A good place to start would be the About Us page.
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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

~ Margaret Mead

Board of Directors
Tonya Chapman Pic Chrissie Adams Pic  Stephanie Blaase Trammell
Tonya Chapman
MEF Executive Director
Mabank ISD
Chrissy Adams
MEF VP Programs  
Mabank Housing Authority
Stephanie Blaase-Trammell
MEF VP Development
Coldwell Banker
Scott Adams Pic  Rebecca Smith Pic AS Pic
Scott Adams
MEF VP Finance & Governance 
Mabank ISD
Rebecca Smith
MEF Secretary
Mabank High School
Amber Swanson
MEF VP Events
Vanilla Fringe
  • Kelli Allen
    Southside Elementary

    Brittany Barton
    Barton's Transmission

    Chris Cary

    Whitney Cathey
    Ebby Halliday Realtors

    Shelly Donathan
    Mabank Intermediate

    Imelda Gonzales
    Salon Euphoria

    Ally Greenville
    Kimberly Rumfield Team Realtor

    Brandi Harrill
    Harrill Construction

    Derrick Hoelscher
    Northeast Texas Insurance

    Storie Huffman
    Coldwell Banker

    Carie Inmon
    Lawyer’s Title

    Rebecca Littlejohn
    Lakeview Elementary

    Cheyenne Lyons
    Southside Bank VP

    Russell Marshall
    Arrow Educational Services

    Chloe Moore
    Mabank Junior High

    Melissa Phipps
    Central Elementary

    Andrea Pickens
    Tri-County Ford

    Jill Pridgen
    Texas Health Family & Sports Care

    Eric Tijerina
    MISD School Board Member - Tri County Family Medicine

    Carole Voris-Render
    Mabank High School

About Us  
The Mabank ISD Education Foundation, established in 2009, is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization whose purpose is to generate private support for education projects for which tax dollars are not available. The Mabank ISD Education Foundation and the Mabank Independent School District share the same vision of providing students with the best possible education. The Education Foundation operates independently and is governed by a separate Board of Directors consisting of local business and community leaders.

Our Purpose
The Mabank ISD Education Foundation will support educational excellence to enhance student achievement, recognize exemplary staff involvement and foster community support. In addition, this corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to benefit the Mabank Independent School District.

Our Mission
The Mabank ISD Education Foundation will partner with our community and stakeholders to provide resources to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and provide opportunities for excellence in education for all students in the Mabank Independent School District.

Our Goals
The Mabank ISD Education Foundation will achieve its mission by directing resources toward the following initial goals. 
• Encourage all students to work at their highest potential 
• Support staff for innovative efforts 
• Recognize staff for exemplary teaching 
• Build community awareness for the Mabank ISD Education Foundation 
• Involve the community in assuring a quality education for the leaders and workers of tomorrow


Utilizing the Mabank Education Foundation Grant in my classroom has helped bring a relevance to my subject, and has helped world history students at MHS become immersed in the rich tapestry of ancient history.

- Amanda LaNier, High School

The MEF grants have been an absolute godsend for me! I have received two different grants. As a result, my special learners are more independent and have more tools to help them deal with their sensory needs.

– Shari Stinnette, Junior High

The grant opportunities from the Mabank Educational Foundation has allowed our students access to innovative learning opportunities that they would not normally receive in a classroom. Our Intermediate students now have the opportunity to participate in our annual Science Fair, learn to code by joining our Robotics Club, and help with the design of our outdoor learning environment. Thank you Mabank Educational Foundation for supporting our district, teachers, & students.

– Cindy Doze, Intermediate

The preferred method for a student to read a book during Book Club is by utilizing the Kindles that were purchased through a grant awarded The Book Club at Mabank Intermediate therefore the line to obtain this device forms early and it is usually a long line with eager readers.  When we need to add a book we can do so instantly and there is no fraying of the pages, torn or lost books.  I personally believe they pay better attention because they don’t want to lose their place.  We are blessed to have this asset for our young readers and appreciate the efforts of the grant committee to grant so many worthwhile grants to teachers to help enhance their classroom instruction.   Mabank Rocks!

-Cassie Joffre and Kitty Huff, Intermediate

MEF has allowed us to purchase equipment to enhance several of our classrooms. We were able to purchase equipment with each grant that would specifically address our weaknesses within the class. This means in the yearbook class we can now have more students taking photos all the time to help us cover more events on campus. Through two different grants, we were able to put in place a recorded announcement session for our campus. This allowed the students the opportunity to be writers, editors, video producers, and performers for the campus. I have been very fortunate to see how my students have grown into better students and have become more involved in their learning in my class.

-Rhonda Manning, Junior High

Shonda Tindall (Teacher at MHS) - Click here to open testimonial.

Our Partners

Contributions meeting the levels indicated below will be added
to the MISD Education Foundation Contributions Dropdown Lists below.

Click on the contributor's name below to be taken to their organization/company website.

  • Platinum Contributors - $10,000+
    Mabank ISD Employees - $31,350.00

  • Gold Contributors - $5,000

  • Gold Contributors - $5,000

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