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Join us for Open House on Thursday, March 7th from 6-7pm. 

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Each month teachers nominate one student from their homeroom class for Student of the Month.  These students are nominated based on character, responsibility, respect, trustworthiness, friendliness and their overall attitude.  The campus principals then read nominations and determine one student per grade level as Student of the Month.

OUR CURRENT Superintendent Star Students!

Elena Bennet

Adeline Garza 

Peyton Ellis 

  • Arrival 7:15/Bus     7:30/Car
    7:45 Morning Announcements
    7:55 Tardy Bell/Instruction Begins 
    Dismissal 3:35/Car     4:00/Bus

  • Kindergarten     8:00-9:20
    1st Grade     9:20-10:45   
    2nd Grade     10:45-11:30
    3rd Grade     3:05-3:30
    4th Grade     12:40-2:05

  • Kindergarten     10:50-11:20
    First Grade     11:00-11:30
    Second Grade     11:30-12:00
    Third Grade     12:30-1:00
    Fourth Grade     12:00-12:30

Check out some of the great things our kids are being recognized for at Lakeview!

Question of the Month:
"If you could give one gift to every single child in the world, what gift would you give them and why?"

"A teddy bear, because they keep you warm and cozy and they would have something to sleep with."
-Elana Bennett

"A necklace with their favorite letter, so they will be happy when they look at it."
-Braxton Cormier
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