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Tue, 07 Dec 2021
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Each month teachers nominate one student from their homeroom class for Student of the Month.  These students are nominated based on character, responsibility, respect, trustworthiness, friendliness and their overall attitude.  The campus principals then read nominations and determine one student per grade level as Student of the Month.


"Aubrie has always been a sweet girl who always does her best.  She is a great friend and is there for her friends.  She takes great care of our classroom and her materials, and is very well organized.  When I ask for a helper, she is the first to raise her hand.  She has been doing so well in math!  Numbers used to intimidate her but she's become more confident and is rocking it!  Aubrie always has something positive to say about anyone and any situation.  She definitely looks on the bright side of things and will always lift her friends up with kind words.  She is very quick-witted and has a great sense of humor! 

-Mrs. Strebeck, Kindergarten

"Payton is someone who I can count on to be a leader in our classroom.  She always has a positive attitude, is the first to help her classmates, and happily participates in all class activities.  She has worked really hard to be one of our top AR point earners this year.  She has also really improved in writing and has amazing stories!  She has such a kind heart and always does her best to help everyone in our class succeed.  She is the first to offer her supplies to those who need them.  Her outstanding trait is her sweet personality.  You can always count on her to give you a hug when you need it and have a smile on her face, even when she's not having the best day."

-Mrs. Dickson, First Grade

"Maliyah is a spunky and vivacious young lady.  She brings a smile to our faces every day.  She has been working very hard in all of her classes.  She puts forth a great amount of effort and always has a positive attitude.  She has a wonderful sense of humor, as well as a kind heart.  She wears her heart on her sleeve but is always the first one to try and make someone feel better.  Maliyah has a huge heart and she feels everything big.  She has a contagious smile and a great laugh.  All of the second grade teachers are better for having her as a student."

-Second Grade Teachers

"Presley is one of the most responsibly and sweetest students in third grade.  She works really hard in class and can always be depended on to get the job done!  She asks questions to make sure she completely understands the content.  Presley is a kind and caring friend to all.  She is shy, but sweet, considerate and helpful.  I've seen Presley begin to come out of her shell and her fun and bubbly personality is really starting to shine through."

-Mrs. Coburn, Third Grade

"From day one Beverleigh has been a friend to all and has been a great representation of a Mabank Panther.  She is constantly trying to do better in academics and beat her goals.  Beverleigh has become a strong leader and a student who I can count on to tell the truth. She has become more confident in herself and is ready to lead at the Intermediate School.  She works hard in her academics and has become more consistent in meeting her goals.  Beverleigh makes the classroom better because she cares.  Everyone is someone around her.  She is joyful and adds great ideas to our class discussion.  She has the biggest heart!  She is always looking out for other.  She has integrity and can be trusted by her peers and adults.  I've loved watching Beverleigh grow this year!"

-Ms. Linton, Fourth Grade

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Check out some of the great things our kids are being recognized for at Lakeview!

Question of the Month:
"If you could give one gift to every single child in the world, what gift would you give them and why?"

"A teddy bear, because they keep you warm and cozy and they would have something to sleep with."
-Elana Bennett

"A necklace with their favorite letter, so they will be happy when they look at it."
-Braxton Cormier
"A puppy, so they will feel safe and loved."
-Kayla Cook
"A stuffed giraffe because it is an outside animal, which can show kids they can be free and happy outside."
-Kamie Morse
"A stuffed animal with a loved ones name on it, so they can reminded of that person every time they look at it."
-Kelsea Langford
  • December 3, 2021

    Mrs. Parrott-Bryleigh T
    Mrs. Strebeck-Keira
    Ms. Taylor-Christian
    Mrs. Kilgore-Fabiola C

    1st grade
    Mrs. Saxon-Harper
    Mrs. Dickson-Levi
    Mrs. Porter-Kimber

    2nd grade
    Mrs. Burnett-Ashton
    Mrs. Boss-Maliyah
    Mrs. Graham-Carlton
    Mrs. Lyon-McKenzie

    3rd grade
    Mrs. Coburn-June 
    Mrs. Hayden-Chris Jack
    Mrs. Martin-Adam
    Mrs. Letkiewicz-Micah

    4th grade
    Mrs. Schaefer-Aria
    Mrs. Linton-Brett
    Mrs. Hobby-Haizley
    Mrs. Hegemann-Trenton

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