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Tue, 07 Dec 2021
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Check out some of the great things our kids are being recognized for at Lakeview!

Question of the Month:
"If you could give one gift to every single child in the world, what gift would you give them and why?"

"A teddy bear, because they keep you warm and cozy and they would have something to sleep with."
-Elana Bennett

"A necklace with their favorite letter, so they will be happy when they look at it."
-Braxton Cormier
"A puppy, so they will feel safe and loved."
-Kayla Cook
"A stuffed giraffe because it is an outside animal, which can show kids they can be free and happy outside."
-Kamie Morse
"A stuffed animal with a loved ones name on it, so they can reminded of that person every time they look at it."
-Kelsea Langford
  • December 3, 2021

    Mrs. Parrott-Bryleigh T
    Mrs. Strebeck-Keira
    Ms. Taylor-Christian
    Mrs. Kilgore-Fabiola C

    1st grade
    Mrs. Saxon-Harper
    Mrs. Dickson-Levi
    Mrs. Porter-Kimber

    2nd grade
    Mrs. Burnett-Ashton
    Mrs. Boss-Maliyah
    Mrs. Graham-Carlton
    Mrs. Lyon-McKenzie

    3rd grade
    Mrs. Coburn-June 
    Mrs. Hayden-Chris Jack
    Mrs. Martin-Adam
    Mrs. Letkiewicz-Micah

    4th grade
    Mrs. Schaefer-Aria
    Mrs. Linton-Brett
    Mrs. Hobby-Haizley
    Mrs. Hegemann-Trenton

Each month teachers nominate one student from their homeroom class for Student of the Month.  These students are nominated based on character, responsibility, respect, trustworthiness, friendliness and their overall attitude.  The campus principals then read nominations and determine one student per grade level as Student of the Month.


"She is a great role model for other students in the classroom!  She was very shy and quiet at the beginning of the school year, but now she is not afraid to participate because she loves to learn.  She has a positive outlook which motivates others to do better.  She is so kind and considerate to everyone.  Fabiola is also reliable and responsible."

-Mrs. Kilgore, Kindergarten

"Hailey is always kind to everyone.  She stays on task in class.  She does not only what is expected of her, but she goes above and beyond.  She sets a good example for her classmates.  She doesn't let anything keep her from doing her job and working hard.  She is a conscientious learner and hard worker.  She puts forth her best efforts and exceeds expectations daily.  She is well mannered and respectful.  She encourages everyone around her to give their all.  She is always courteous, respectful, and honest.  She is a great student who participates in class, encourages classmates, and is always eager to learn."

-Mrs. Porter, First Grade

"Jr. has been working extremely hard on his behavior and his academics.  He takes pride in his work and always puts forth a great deal of effort.  Jr. Has made great strides in his academics.  he is participating more in class and is taking the time to put great effort into every assignment.  He is always the first one to offer a helping hand, whether it be to another student or the teacher.  He is generous and kind as well as a hard worker."

-Mrs. Graham, Second Grade

"Adam is a new Panther and is definitely showing the pride!  He has a big heart and makes friends with everyone he talks to.  Adam has broken through his shell.  He is very eager to learn and always participates.  He's kind, sweet, and respectful to his teachers.  He's always willing to lend a helping hand and during his free time, he always asks to get ahead of AR.  Adam goes above and beyond and we really enjoy having him here."

-Mrs. Letkiewicz, Third Grade

"Tinley is a great example of how to act both inside and outside the classroom.  She is quick to follow directions and is responsible for her actions.  She is a team player and does a great job helping others when needed.  Tinley has worked really hard to meet math goals and has done a great job pushing herself to meet them.  Tinley makes the class better every day with her smile!  She is kind and is a friend to those who need it.  She contributes to class discussions and brings great ideas to the conversation.  Tinley motivates others to be better with her kind and gentle personality.  She is generous and trusted by her peers and teachers.  She is always the first to ask how she could help and I'm so glad she's in fourth grade!"

-Ms. Linton, Fourth Grade