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Mabank ISD Special Programs

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  • Special services are available to eligible infants, children and young adults identified with a disability or who may be experience difficulties in one or more of the following areas: 

    ~Physical Disability
    ~Deaf or Hard of Hearing
    ~Visual Impairment
    ~Intellectual Disability
    ~Speech/Language Impairment
    ~Health Impairment
    ~Traumatic Brain Injury

    Please contact the Mabank ISD Special Programs Office for more information about accessing Child Find services.

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Click here to contact the Special Programs Department.
Special Programs Staff
profile picture
Melissa ThompsonDirector 903-880-1331 ~ Fax 903-880-1333
profile picture
Misty GreenSecretary903-880-1331 ~ Fax 903-880-1333
profile picture
Angie RobbinsDiagnostician Clerk903-880-1300x9031
profile picture
Kristal AllenSLP903-880-1331
profile picture
Taylor BaileySpeech Assistant903-880-1331
profile picture
Macy BrockmanSLP Assistant903-880-1331
profile picture
Katherine BaumgardnerARD Facilitator903-880-1331
profile picture
Jodi DowdyARD Facilitator903-880-1331
profile picture
Rachael GoodwinDiagnostician903-880-1331
profile picture
Amanda HerrineCounselot/Social Worker903-880-1331
profile picture
Carrie HudsonDiagnostician
profile picture
Mallory KeelingSLP Assistant903-880-1331
profile picture
Shannon McCrayDiagnostician903-880-1331
profile picture
Pamela NixonARD Facilitator903-880-1331
profile picture
Jason ReznicekCounselor903-880-1331
profile picture
Kristy SalvittiARD Facilitator903-880-1331
profile picture
Lola ScottPT Assistant903-880-1331
profile picture
Adrienne SmithLSSP Intern903-880-1331
profile picture
Kristy WaltersDiagnostician903-880-1331
profile picture
Robin Welch504 Coordinator903-880-1331
profile picture
Sherrie WhiteDiagnostician903-880-1331
profile picture
Lucinda WilliamsonBehavior Specialist903-880-1331
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Special Education Useful Websites

Please Note: The websites listed in this section have in no way been approved for accuracy or endorsed by the MISD School Board, Administration, Staff or its patrons. All sites listed were identified by individual special education staff members or family members with children receiving special education services with the intent of helping others locate key resources in the area of special education. If you find any materials contained in any of the sites objectionable, please immediately notify Edith Buickerood, M.I.S.D. Director of Special Programs. Thanks.

General Information about Children with Disabilities

  1.  - United States Department of Education
  2.  The Special Education Advocate
  3.  Advocacy for the rights of disabled persons
  4.  Texas Education Agency
  5.   Association for Supervision of curriculum Development
  6.   Council for Exceptional Children
  7.   American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  8. Resources for parents/teachers of students with reading difficulties
  9.  US Department of Education Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation   

Information about Bipolar and Other Psychological Disorders

  1.  Official site of the national Institute of Mental health
  2.  Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation


  1.  Attention Deficit Disorder Association
  2.  Children and Adults with ADHD


  1.  International Dyslexia Association

Down Syndrome

  1.  National Down Syndrome Society


  1.  Families for Early Autism Treatment
  2.  Behavioral Programming for Children with Autism
  3.   Autism Society of America

Cerebral Palsy

  1.  Cerebral Palsy Guide
  2. CP Group

The Special Education Information Center (SPEDTex) provides resources and interactive features for increasing family awareness of disabilities and special education processes, with the goal of improving partnerships between schools and families.

Contact information:

Phone: 1-855-773-3839


Live Chat:

Texas Transition and Employment Guide
The Texas Transition and Employment Guide provides information to Texas Public School students who may have received special education services due to a disability. This guide has steps students and their parents can take to guide students in finding the right work or educational choices after high school.

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