Upcoming Fine Arts Events

District-wide Fine Arts Fair is April 14th from 9am until 2pm in the High
School Commons area. There will be drinks, snacks, and all of the Fine Arts talent of the district will be on display! Come join us to celebrate the talent of our youth in Mabank! 

             Mabank High School Art Gallery

See more student work of all ages at Artsonia.com. Click the image below to take you to their website. Search for "Mabank". 

student work
student work

Art Personnel

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    Mrs. Christine Robinson

    High School Art [9-12]

    Art 1,  Art 3&4, Pre-AP/AP Studio Art, AP Art History

         This is Mrs. Robinson's second year in the art department.  She worked in the English department before joining the art department.   Before falling in love with teaching, she was a TV news anchor and reporter.  This is her 5th year as a teacher at Mabank.    Mrs. Robinson stills works with students in an English capacity through coaching UIL.  She coaches both Ready Writing and Copy Editing.  As a first year Ready Writing coach, two of her students made it to the regional level with one advancing to the state competition in Austin.

         Mrs. Robinson has been married for 20 years and has a daughter at the high school.  She grew up in the area and attended Mabank.  After high school, she earned her undergraduate from The University of Texas at Austin.  She fell into art when she started taking her daughter to art classes.  Since then she has worked in oil painting, acrylic painting, mixed media, but her area of expertise is in soft pastels.  Her pieces are sold in several area galleries and boutiques.  She enjoys sharing her love for art with her students and unlocking their potential by introducing them to new techniques and mediums.

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    1st--AP Art History

    2nd -- Art I

    3rd -- Art I

    4th -- Art 3/4

    5th -- Studio Art (PreAP/AP)

    6th -- conference

    7th -- Art I

    8th -- Theater Tech/Prom



                                                                                     Mrs. Wendy Brantley.

                                                                            High School Art [9-12]

                                   Art Appreciation,  Art II/III/IV- [3D], Art II (2d),  Pre-AP/AP Studio Art.

                   She has been teaching 24 years with a combination of disciplines including both special education and art.  She will be serving the Mabank High School this year in the Art Department teaching courses in Art Appreciation,, Art 2,3,4-3d, Art 2-2d and Pre-AP and AP Studio Art.  This is her 3rd year with Mabank High School and she integrates a holistic art approach into her classroom with the focus on developing the artist from the inside out.  In the past two years, she has developed competitive art students who have won nationally-recognized art contests, two of which had and have their artwork hanging in the Cannon Corridor of our nation's capitol building in DC.  Her students  also continue to pursue art education at the collegiate level having been accepted into prestigious art programs.

                She has been married 33 years and has three children and two grandchildren.  Although she is not a native Mabank citizen, she does have family in the area and lives in close proximity to the district. She loves teaching a wide variety of art techniques and is always open to learning more.  She hopes to encourage students to meet their potential and find a deeper avenue to express themselves.  She also continue to encourage students to be competitive, explore artistic careers, and pursue higher level of educational opportunities. 

    Art 2 - 2d

    1st--Art Appreciation

    2nd--2D Art

    3rd--3d Art

    4th--Art Appreciation

    5th--Studio Art (PreAP/AP)

    6th art--conference

    7th--Art appreciation

    8th--Theater Tech/Prom


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