The following steps must be taken BEFORE you come to the office for parking.

1. Complete the Parking Form by following this link. Please have your drivers license and copy of your insurance ready because you will fill out and upload those details on the form.


2. Complete and print the Mabank ISD Drug Testing form. The form can be found by following this link. You must have a parent signature, as well as students, on this form. 

Drug Test Form 

3. Complete and print the Mabank High School Parking Space Contract. This form can be found by following the link below. You must have a parent signature, as well as students, on this form. 

Parking Space Contract

4. Must be cleared of all fees and fines. This includes charges for Chromebook damage, cases, and chargers.

You must have completed the Google form, printed both the Drug Testing Permission Form and the Parking Space Contract BEFORE coming to the office to buy your tag and/or parking spots.

Parking Tags are $25/each

Parking Spots are $25/each (Limit 1)

Click here to open a layout of the parking lot 

Parking Lot Map


Parking on campus is a privilege and rules must be followed to be allowed to park at Mabank High School. 

  • Students are only allowed to park in the student parking lot. No parking will be permitted in other areas such as, band area, athletics area, horse shoe or any other non-designated area. 

  • No standing in/on/around vehicles after arrival on campus.

  • No loud music, spinning of tires, or other loud disturbances that may cause a distraction from the learning environment.

  • Five (5) M.P.H. speed limit. Students must drive in a safe and cautious manner (no speeding or reckless driving).

  • No returning to cars during the school day without written permission from an administrator.

  • Parking tags MUST be displayed on the driver side rear window at ALL times.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO drugs, tobacco products, alcohol, firearms, weapons or any items deemed inappropriate are allowed in vehicles on campus.

  • No leaving campus after arriving without written permission from an administrator. This includes driving to Ag, Auto, Athletics and Band.

  • All vehicle inspection and registration stickers must be current and valid.


  • It is the student’s responsibility to provide all the necessary painting supplies to decorate their space.  Spray paint is NOT allowed.
  • When painting, you CANNOT paint over the white parking lines.
  • August 12-13th will be the designated painting days. Painting CANNOT take place any other time without prior administrator approval. 
  • Each space is subject to discipline only if the student reports a violation on their space (i.e. someone parks in your spot). Therefore, if someone else is parked in your spot, it is YOUR responsibility to report the violation to Mr. Boatright.
  • All parking spaces are the property of Mabank ISD and are assigned to the student for the duration of the 2023-2024 school year, during the normal school day hours.
  • Parking space rental is a MABANK TRADITION. In order for it to continue, it is imperative that each student adhere to the guidelines and rules set forth in this contract.