Southside Elementary

Open House

Thursday, April 7th

Please read carefully for your child’s information.

Special two-song performances by First and Second Graders, please see the times below.

Open House Times for each grade level:

Due to space, the two songs will be performed in the gym. There will be a limited number of chairs available for the elderly. Parents will be able to spread out around the gym to have a better view of their child and will stand during the performance.

First Grade – 5:15pm students will arrive and parents will park in the back of the building and enter through the cafeteria. Students will be dropped off in the music room. Parents will go to the gym and wait for students to enter. The performance will be located in the gym from 5:30 – 5:40pm. Students will then be dismissed to go with the teachers back to their classes and parents will follow to meet students in their classrooms.

Second Grade: 5:30–7:00pm. After parents tour the classroom, parents will drop students off at 6:30pm in the music room. Parents will then go to the gym and wait. The performance will be from 6:40-6:50pm located in the gym. After students finish their performance they will make their way back to the music room or the computer lab for one parent to pick them up.

Second Grade pick up areas:
· Ms. Gideon and Ms. Lewis’ classes will go back to the music room
· Ms. Kines and Ms. Alvarez’s classes will take their students to the computer lab

Pre-K, Kinder, Third and Fourth Grades: 5:30–7:00pm Come and Go.

Students have worked hard to share with you some of their accomplishments, we can’t wait for you to see their work!

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    Bachelor of Science 
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